Welcome to the DEpendable Evolvable Pervasive Software Engineering (DEEP-SE) team at the Department of Electronics, Information Science and Bioengineering (DEIB) at Politecnico di Milano.

About Us

The DEEP-SE team conducts research on methods, techniques, tools, and frameworks for the design, development, and verification of complex software systems. By complex software we mean those systems that can be characterized, in varying degrees and flavors, as distributed, pervasive, adaptive, reconfigurable, dynamic, and critical. The pursued research activities encompass a variety of aspects of such systems, ranging from modeling and analysis issues in the early phases of their development, to issues related to their implementation and runtime management and optimization.

The team also investigates the economic and strategic impact of software on industry and society in general. Formal languages and techniques for the modeling and verification of the target applications play a central role in the research activity of the team. Most of the research activities eventually lead to software prototypes and experimentation, some of which are available as open-source software. Yet, various members of the team are also committed to methodological and theoretical investigation.

🎉 Off to a great start! Simone Reale & Elisabetta Di Nitto's "Quantum Graph Pursuit: Analysis of the Advantages and Challenges of a Quantum Dynamic Combinatorial Optimization Model from a Software Developer Perspective" was accepted at IEEE Quantum Software '24 Conference! 💪🚀

📢 Submissions are OPEN for the Special Track on Web Engineering for the Computing Continuum at the 25th International Conference of Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2024), co-chaired by @gioenn & @lucbar67!
🗓️ Deadline: June 30 👥 Conference: Dec 2-5!
More info below 👇

Here are some highlights from Day 2 of #SEAMS2024!

Congratulations to all the award winners, and thank you to all the presenters and attendees for a successful and engaging event 🎯🎉

Dive into "An Artifact Exemplar for Engineering Self-Adaptive Microservice Applications" by Vincenzo Riccio, Giancarlo Sorrentino, Ettore Zamponi, Matteo Camilli, Raffaela Mirandola, and Patrizia Scandurra 🌐

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